Personal Financial Planning

Getting your financial world to go from this…

Like materials needed to build a new house, our clients have many of the elements they need for a secure financial future, but they need a plan to get there. At Wealth Insight Partners, our process takes inventory of all your financial “materials”, – income and spending, assets and liabilities, insurance and investments.

To this…

Next, we help to identify what you want your financial future to look like (the house).

Through this Process.

Then, we develop a plan to achieve those goals (the plan).

Lastly, like a home, there’s always upkeep. We are with you through the years to adjust when necessary and stay on track toward your goals.

Your Financial Journey

Why do people like working us?

It’s about the experience – the relationship between the client and their advisor. Clients see us as their “go-to” advisor for all things financial – buying a home or car, life events, children, wants (not just needs). We simplify the complex and give clients confidence that they now have control of their financial future.






Initial Data


Analyze and
Develop Plan


Review Plan and


Monitor and

step one

Discovery Interview

Understand your unique goals and objectives

Getting to know each other and what’s important to you.

step two

Gather Data

Gather data to develop your personal plan.

Cleaning out the financial statement junk drawer.

step three

Initial Data Review

Confirm accuracy of data (accounts and spending) prior to analysis.

Where is the money going? “Wait, we’re spending HOW MUCH each month?”

step four

Analyze and Develop Plan

Analyze your current situation and develop comprehensive solutions.

Sit back while the team gets to work.

step five

Review Plan and Implementation

Review your plan and discuss recommended strategies. Then implement recommendations.

Review the plan, which is the path to meet your financial goals, and execute on the plan recommendations.

step six

Monitor and Update

Monitor your plan and update periodically.

We keep you on track. Year after year. And as life changes, we are with you every step of the way.

Questions Addressed Throughout the Process

Personal Planning

  • How can we be more conscious about our spending on a monthly basis (IE – where does the money go?) so that we can build good spending and savings habits?
  • How do our current mix of investments line up with our risk tolerance and financial goals? Are the fees and rates of return within acceptable limits? Do we understand the tax implications?
  • How do we work towards getting our forever home/second home/other large investments?
  • How do we maximize company-sponsored benefits? Which health plan? Do we have sufficient disability and life insurance coverage?


  • Are we on track for our financial goals, such as financial independence/retirement, college savings for our kids?
  • How does a career change impact financially?
  • How can we make sure, if we prematurely die or are incapacitated, that our financial wishes for our family will still be carried out (and properly supervised)? Do we have a comprehensive estate plan, wills, trusts?

Planning for Business Owners

  • What creative ways are there to implement financial strategies through the business to benefit me and my family?
  • Is our company retirement plan appropriate? How can I best maximize benefits?
  • How much and what type of insurance do we need to protect my business, my income and my family?